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What's a Life Group?  A Life Group is a small group of people (10 - 12) who meet on a regular basis to do life together, discuss Sunday's Bible passage and pray for each other. Learn More

New Here?

No Previous Church Experience Necessary. No matter what your background, what you've done or what has been done to you, you're welcome to gather with us on Sunday. We'd love for you to continue your journey of faith with us. Learn More

2015 Mission Trips

Discovery will be sending out Mission teams again this year!  Check out our past trip blogs here.   Learn more about Discovery's Global Missions.

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Can You Lose Your Grip… Can Jesus Lose His?

Another great article by Renae Loring, our Family Ministries Pastor.  In some ways, this question opens up an endless and mindless debate, but however you approach it, all agree that a person truly saved by Christ is secure. Can You Lose You Salvation? Can I lose my salvation?  Not a chance.  When you hand your…

Heaven, Hell, Other Options?

Here’s a second post from Dan Pence, retired pastor who often teaches at our church   Why does god condemn all to hell if they don’t accept him. How can good people be cast in with those who are so obviously evil. The solution is found as we start to grasp the perfect holiness and love…