Current Open Groups

Life-GroupsUnless otherwise noted, all groups will be discussing the Bible passage from the previous Sunday’s message.

Jump into a group below as we apply Christ’s teachings to our lives.

All too often, church involvement can be defined as attending service, hearing a great message from our favorite Australian, and then heading home. Discovery believes in growing and connecting outside of our service times and we’d love to provide a time where you can learn more about how we do just that.

We have the following groups represented:
-Open Life Groups
-Men’s/Women’s groups
-Support groups (Foster/Adopt, Mental Health, & Journey to Hope)
– Social/Affinity groups like Discovery Riders who enjoy traveling to Colorado destinations, Pioneering Life for those who want to share in food/nutrition and crafts/culture, and 50 plus for those who are 50 years or older and want to meet 4 times a year in a potluck setting.

New to Discovery?
For anyone new to Discovery, jump into our starting point group! Each group begins on the first Sunday of every month and ends on the last Sunday of the month, leaving room for holidays. We learn about Discovery’s history, DNA, leadership, baptism, stewardship, and ways you can be an active member of Discovery, no obligation.

Looking to go deep into the Word? Join us for seasonal seminars as noted on our calendar!

College and Career
Young adult group for 20 somethings who are in college or starting their careers.

We have various small groups for those who call Discovery home.

Womens ministry provides many ways to connect, including a fall retreat and various Bible studies throughout the year.

Mens ministry involves various ways to connect. Fall getaways, trips, seminars and activities.