Who We Are

We are a church with the mission of helping people in their journey of Loving God and Serving Others.


Discovery is a Christian Church located in Broomfield, Colorado, about half way between Boulder and Denver and just finished our building on 144th and Zuni, we love to call “The Barn”.

Discovery launched in 1999 to help people from any background discover the stunning and revolutionary way of following Jesus in a welcoming environment.

Because of this mandate, we strongly invite people to belong before they believe and we’re passionate about reminding all of us that no matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, you’re welcome at Discovery. Consequently, the Discovery community is a collection of passionate followers of Christ, people looking into the claims of Christ and even skeptical people who have found community at Discovery.

In short, we’re Christ centered and outward focused. We’re passionate about our beliefs and respectful and courteous to everyone who joins our community.

Discovery was planted by Rocky Mountain Christian Church, Lifebridge Christian Church, East 91st Christian Church, Church Planters of the Rockies and Orchard Group.

We are theologically conservative, with a strong thread of grace weaved throughout what we do and who we are. We communicate with an artistic and intellectual bent. For Discovery’s statement of faith, go to position papers

We have a strongly committed core of staff and volunteer leaders. Follow the links to learn more about our staff, leadership team and leadership structure.

We value strong relationship, personal and communal authenticity, risk, excellence, artistic flair, and a raw, lifelong relationship with Jesus. We value global engagement and local service. For more on our values, etc take a look at our position papers.

One Final Note
We created this site to help you get a taste of who we are as a community but, by far, the best way to get to know us and see what God is doing among us is to come join us. Please visit our First Steps page to join one of our welcome groups.