TUESDAY Nights Rock!

High School and Middle School students (and leaders) come together every week for our midweek youth program. We meet  every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 PM.  We meet at Discovery, Christian Church.  Our two programs are split and meet in different locations in the church

Asylum is our weekly middle school program where students can experience life, laughter, music, friendship, and have a chance to dig in and unpack God’s word.  We meet in the youth room in the basement of Discovery, Christian Church.   Expect fun games, loud music and leaders who are there to hang out with you.

Sanctum is our weekly high school program.   If Asylum were to be described as a fun and energetic place where you can unpack God’s work for your life then Sanctum would be a slightly more relaxed version of the same.   Come hang out and do life with other high schoolers trying to figure things out as well.   We play games, have music and jump into God’s word; albeit with a little less screaming and running around than the middle school students.  Sanctum meets upstairs in the loft of the main auditorium.

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