Luke Reading Plan

NOV 28/30:  Luke 1: Theophilus and the quest for truth.
DEC 4/7:  Zechariah and Gabriel
DEC 11/14:  Luke 1:38 ff Mary:  “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be to me as you have said.”
DEC 18/21:  Luke 2: a Savior in the days of Caesar
DEC 24:  Service times:  3,4,5,6, 1130 pm
JAN 4:  Luke 4:  Jesus dealing with temptation
JAN 8/11:  Luke 5 and Peter’s repentance.
JAN 15/18:  Luke 6 and Jesus as Lord of Sabbath
JAN 22/25:  Luke 7:22 as fulfillment of Isaiah 60:1
JAN 29/FEB 1:  Luke 8:  Jesus Calms the Storm and sends Legion out of the person.
FEB 5/8:  Luke 9:  Jesus’ Leadership Training.
FEB 12/15:  Luke 10: missionary trips, man of peace, I saw satan fall….
FEB 19/22:  Luke 11:  Lord’s Prayer, how to pray, boldness of asking a neighbor late at night, pharisees accusing Jesus of using power of Satan to cast out demons.
FEB 26/MAR 1:  Luke 12: fear God who can cast you into hell, God knows hairs on your head, cares for the sparrow, cares for you, don’t store up treasures that can rust, but seek first God’s Kingdom
MAR 5/8:  Luke 13:  Jesus heals on the sabbath and gets busted for it, talks about Kingdom being like Mustard seed/tree etc.
MAR 12/15:  Luke 15:  lost and found.  Prodigal sons.
MAR 19/22:  Luke 17 Ungrateful beggars.  We often look past what God has just done for us to ask for what we don’t have.
MAR 26/29:  Luke 20: Give to Caesar what is Caesars….being made in the image of God.  Imago Dei
EASTER APR 2/5:  Luke 22: Passover, “This is my body, this is my blood.” and Luke 23:  Father forgive them for they know not what they do.  The sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, its Passover tie in, why it’s power is required today.
APR 9/12:  Luke 24, Road to Emmaus and recognizing Jesus on the way.