Sermon Notes July 13 and 16

Primary Scripture:
Acts 2

Secondary Scripture:
1 Kings 19


1) Read through Acts 2 as a group. What stands out to you? What is your reaction to the passage?

2) Acts 2 displays a supernatural manifestation of God’s Holy Spirit and one evidence of that is the apostles’ ability to speak in a foreign language. Have you had a supernatural encounter with God’s Spirit that you’d be willing to share?

3) The New Testament was written in greek and the greek word for “tongues” in Acts is different from the word used in 1 Corinthians. This particular word means “foreign language” and the one in 1 Corinthians means “ecstatic speech.” Have you ever had an encounter with either form of tongue speaking? What was that like? What do you make of it?

4) In the sermon, Steve made a general guideline “When the Spirit shows up big, it is usually for someone else. When the Spirit shows up small, it is usually for you.” Like all generalizations, this has exceptions, but the idea is that in Acts, God showed up “big” so the Apostles would proclaim him to the crowd. In 1 Kings, God showed up “small” to comfort Elijah. Do you have any times where God was “big” or “small” in your life?

5) Acts 2 marks a turn in Peter where he starts to step up boldly to proclaim who God is to people. What stops you stepping up boldly when the opportunity arises? How might you be more keenly aware of an opportunity?

6) After Peter’s sermon, the hearers are ‘cut to the heart’ and want to respond right away. Have you had a time where you were cut to the heart based on something God was showing you or calling you to do?

7) Luke (the author of Acts) describes what he sees in the early church in vs 42 and following. How does Luke’s list of church engagement compare with your own church engagement?