RenewalThe Renewal Team has been meeting monthly and is placing the finishing touches on an application to the Lilly Endowment’s National Clergy Renewal Program, requesting funding to support a 2016 summer of renewal at Discovery. If our church is awarded this funding, it would support a sabbatical time away for our pastor Steve Cuss, and also fund renewal activities for the congregation during that time. Our team presented initial information and written materials about this process at Thursday and Sunday worship services in early February. We want to update you on our progress to date.


Our application is due to the Lilly Endowment Foundation on April 15, 2015. We are proposing a 14 week time of renewal and spiritual refreshment for the Cuss family and our congregation. Our hope is that we will be approved for this funding for the Cuss family to have the opportunity to serve alongside Fred & Alice Afwai at Hope House in Kitale, Kenya and to travel to study Biblical history together as a family. Steve will also engage in a time of reflection, prayer, rest, and soul renewal through additional individual activities while he is away from the pastoral ministry responsibilities at Discovery. We are very excited that our application also requests funding for a permanent prayer path around our church property, which the congregation will build as we serve and play together. We will also have opportunities to serve, learn and play as individuals, households and groups through other renewal activities.


For more information about this application process, please read our three documents: “FAQs”, “Letter from Steve” and “Ministry timelines”. Information about the application process can be found at the Lilly Endowment’s National Clergy Renewal Program website


If you have any questions, our Renewal Team (Rhonda McNally, Jeff Stanley, Jon Hayes, Joan Wright, Becky Eades, Steve Cuss & Lisa Cuss) are happy to address questions. You are welcome to chat with any of us or send an email to Feel free to send emails of affirmation, encouragement, prayers, renewal suggestions, as well as concerns or questions. We are very grateful for your prayers as we complete the application process.