Mid-Week High School (9th-12th)

Mid-Week High School

Wednesday nights are our weekly high school meeting. Three main aspects characterize our high school program.

1)    Safe environment designed to unpack God’s truth

Our students meet together in a casual setting designed to facilitate discussion. Music, games and food are three catalysts that we believe spark discussion and allow us to dive into what God has to say to us.

2)    Students and leaders “do life” together.

Our adult leaders make themselves available to students and have the ultimate goal of modeling a Christian walk. Leaders make it a goal to get to know students and interact with them on more than just a once per week basis. Most of our leaders can point to the adults in their lives who had a profound impact and would love to be that impact in a students’ life.

3)    We are doers not just hearers

We ask our high school students to serve. We plan 6 – 8 serving events per year designed to get students out of their comfort zone and into an environment where they can help those around them.

A typical month for our group is:

– Twice per month bible study focused on diving into God’s word and talking through tough questions                                            – Once per month fellowship night focused on building relationships and having fun together                                                            – Once per month serving event in the community


Wednesday Nights from 630 – 800

Typically end up at Sonic on 128th and Zuni after youth group

Discovery Youth Room

Nobody’s perfect and everyone’s welcome.


If you would like more information about our mid week High School program, please contact Jakob Brown.