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Discovery’s Global Outreach Ministry is comprised of our Global Partners (GP) program and our non-profit global orphan initiative:
Light Up Hope.

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Dan & Kim Koole are advocates at Discovery for the Reich family – so feel free to ask them questions.


Fred and Alice Afwai live just outside Nairobi, Kenya. They are native Kenyans working for God with their own people. They run a primary school for children in the slums, they pastor Candlelight Ministries, a network of several churches around the Nairobi area, and they care for children at Hands with Hope Safe House. The safe house provides food and shelter for 30 orphans and children who need a place to stay so that they may go to school.

Kelly and Mike Little are advocates at Discovery for the Afwai family.

Donations for Kenya mission trip

The Kenya mission team will be going to Nairobi and Kitale in November and could use some help with donations. They plan on building an octoball arena, playing relationship building games, making s’mores and many other fun activities. They would appreciate items to help enhance the playground at Hope House, basic necessities, & first aid items. A board of items will be placed in the lobby next month. Please consider helping Fred and Alice Afwai and the orphans at Hope House.


Ylli and Nikki Doci live and work in Tirana, Albania. They work with Campus Crusade for Christ, bringing college age adults to Christ through sharing the gospel and coming alongside members of their community some who are Muslim and others who have not heard the gospel.

Laura and Adiel Brasov are advocates for the Docis.

Compton, CA

Bob and Susan Combs have been living and working in Compton, California for over 15 years. They work with a missionary group based out of Colorado Springs, CO called The Navigators.

Bob and Susan serve and disciple young adults in their community by encouraging them to leave a lifestyle of gang participation, prostitution, theft, etc. and to actively pursue a relationship with Christ to transform their lives. Bob offers construction jobs to young men that he mentors and Susan disciples many of the young women in the community.

The majority of households in Compton report earning less than $40,000 per year, with most of them even below $20,000. A mere 6% of residents 25 and older hold a four year degree. And, the median age is 24!  Roughly 90% of those in their community either have no father or no positive role model in their father. Bob and Susan believe this is the issue that is at the root of joblessness, out-of-wedlock marriage, low graduation rates, gangs, addiction, and the other problems that those in the inner city battle. These problems affect young men and women alike, and Bob and Susan work with them through initiatives like Construction and Discipleship, Teen Moms Mentoring, Leadership Academies, Weekly Bible Studies, the Compton Community Organic Garden, and by living and being present in their community. They are gearing up to start a new leadership academy that will focus on discipleship and whole life development of the fathers and potential fathers in Compton. Bob and Susan believe that as God restores fathers in our community they will see the whole city transformed.

To lean more, please visit: Metro CDC Vision 2015

Steve and Rebecca Bennett are advocates for the Combs


LUHLogoLgLight Up Hope is a nonprofit global orphan initiative of Discovery Church.  Light Up Hope’s mission is to raise funds to improve the living conditions of unfunded or underfunded orphanages in Eastern Africa.  Currently working in Kenya , Light Up Hope strives to make their partner orphanage’s vision for the future a reality by providing funding to develop healthy and sustainable orphan care environments.  Please visit Light Up Hope’s Website ( to learn more about how we are making an impact in the global orphan crisis.

Discovery provides a way for you to sponsor a child through Light Up Hope.  Sponsorship through your local church provides a more personal connection to children in Kenya.  Spark and Flame sponsorship are half sponsorships for a single child.  You can choose to sponsor either their basic needs OR educational and emotional needs.   Hearth Sponsors cover the full range of costs to provide for the basic needs, emotional needs and educational needs. The cost is $33  per month for half sponsorship, $66 per month for full sponsorship. See the Light Up Hope Website for more information.


Light Up Hope has been caring for orphans in Kenya with our global partners, Fred and Alice Afwai, since 2011. LIFT is an initiative to keep children in their homes with their families. So often in Africa, children become orphans due to poverty. We know that the best chance a child has to thrive is to live with those who love them. By Linking Individual Families To: food, education and healthcare, we can help children stay with their loving families. Fred and Alice have identified several children within their community who can be helped by LIFT.  If you would like more information on sponsoring a child/family, please email Judy at We will also have information in the lobby.

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