Mission Trips


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The vision for Discovery Church Mission trips is for the trip to be equal parts spiritual encounter and service to our Global Partners. We go to learn about the reach of God’s kingdom, the strength of God’s presence and how to serve as God’s hands and feet.

It is a long-term goal at Discovery Church that each member will attend a mission trip and that as a church we will visit each of our Global Partners each year.

Mission trips at Discovery are first and foremost spiritual in nature – with the goal to grow trip members spiritually through serving and witnessing God in a new environment.

We at Discovery Church see mission trips as a discipleship opportunity for all individuals and families who choose to participate. We believe mission trips are an opportunity for people to grow in their faith and to view the character of God from a fresh perspective. It is our hope that all trip members (regardless of personal beliefs) will grow in their understanding of what a personal relationship with Jesus Christ looks like. This is highlighted by opportunities to pray, sing, speak, listen, comfort, and serve God and the people we will encounter both on our team and on the missions field we go to visit and serve.

If you are considering joining one of our upcoming mission trips here are links to all of our mission policies and forms:

Discovery Mission Trip Policy

Code Conduct

Finance Policy

Legal Release Form

Mission Trip Questionnaire

Mission Trip Scholarship Application