Service Team


Scavenger Hunt:  Volunteer form here:

1. Set up scavenger hunt Thursday 4/2 early afternoon 12:00-2:45
2. Help during scavenger hunt 4-6pm (Welcome families, hand out scavenger hunt clues, give hints to families as needed)
3. Help clean up 7:15-8:00 pm

Easter Experience: Volunteer form here:
1.     1-3 more people to work to together to create a space for the basement experience.  All the goals & details are set.  It involves taking this information from paper and making it a tangible experience. All prep work done at your own time. Whitney Gabbert can email you a packet for a sample if that helps. Set-up is either Thur 7:15-9:00 or Friday before 2:30pm.
2.     Saturday 3-4:30pm clean-up crew to clean up prayer stations and help set up the children’s rooms for Sunday Easter services.

3.    Creative types: Anyone who wants to help put stations together. Creative, crafty and or just two extra hands. Some are done and some need help. Design from home until 4/2

4.    Set up Help in Auditorium- Move chairs, set up labyrinth and help set up stations.

5.    Decorate the entrance to auditorium – 12:00 pm – 3:00pm Friday afternoon April 3rd

6.    Tear down: tear down stations & Replace chairs 3:00 pm Saturday afternoon, April 4th

7.    Welcome crew- 2 people every 2-3 hours welcoming people and letting them know about the various stations.

Easter Services:
1.    Communion- During all services Thurs 6:15-7:15pm, Sunday 8:30am, 10:00am, or 11:30am.

2. Ushers needed all 4 services.

3.  Easter Sunday- Set up of outside environments (Q45 & youth tents, moving check in stations outside) 7:00-8:15 am

4. Kids’ Rooms Trail Guides- Help seasoned leaders greet kids and guest; lead small groups & crafts (No large group teaching) This is needed for all 4 services; all age groups;

5. Guest check in help- Making guests feel welcome and walking them to their kids’ classes. Arrive 30 minutes before service.

6. Parking crew before each service

7. Clean up 12:15-1:15pm- Help move all the check in, Q45 & Youth equipment back into the building.

The Audio Visual (A/V) Team is looking for volunteers for a special events team as well as for sound booth positions on Thursdays and Sundays. For more information please sign up in the lobby and/or contact Thomas Brown at A date for an introduction meeting will be scheduled via email.

Needed:  bulletin distributors , ushers/collection of offering and communion servers each service.  If you are involved in a life group this is a great way for your group to serve together.  Please sign up in the lobby or go to this link.

PIT (Pastoral Intercessory Prayer) team members needed.  The Prayer Team is looking for men and women of prayer to commit to praying for our pastoral team one day a week during their personal prayer time. This is a three month commitment. For more information contact Deb Benson.