The Solomon Foundation


The Solomon Foundation Banquet @ Discovery Christian Church – Wednesday, October 9th at 6:30pm


“The Solomon Foundation (TSF) is a Ministry Partner who was instrumental in helping Discovery move from being portable to having our own building.  Individuals and families open certificates of deposit with TSF at a much higher rate of return than any typical bank.  TSF then lends that money to churches, allowing them to build when other banks would not.  Discovery is hosting a banquet for potential investors to learn more about TSF, rates of return and how your investments can serve other churches.   The evening will share the Discovery story, how TSF got launched, the work it is doing around USA and will feature keynote speaker Barry Cameron, author of The ABCs of Financial Freedom.” – Steve Cuss


TSF is hosting several banquets in the front range area during the 2nd week of October.  Please register for the banquet at Discovery Christian Church or one more  convenient for you.


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